A Hearty Experience from
Our Customers

Our valued customers share their experiences after taking our flagship product, Cardiobes.

Since I started taking CARDIOBES, my caregiver noticed my snoring is gone. I have much better sleep and feel well rested always. Agyamanak (Thank you) CARDIOBES I can now have a longer active life!

-Masing Garcia, 85, Grandmother

I'm a Volleyball buff. I used to play 3 sets before and feel tired easily. After I took CARDIOBES for a week, I can now play a maximum of 6 sets. I can sleep better with less snoring. CARDIOBES lowered my elevated blood sugar level. Amazing product!

-Vil Bayaca, 32, Account Manager

From work, I walk a mile to get home. And everytime, I have to make two stops to rest and catch my breath. With CARDIOBES, I can now go straight home without any stopovers. I always have good sleep and feel refreshed the next day. CARDIOBES is truly remarkable!

-Alma Pancho, 39, Events Coordinator

I always feel alive and revitalized after having a good and restful sleep. Thanks CARDIOBES!

-Benzon Sy, 47, Pastor

I often feel tired and exhausted after a day's work at the office. With CARDIOBES, I feel more lively, have  good mood and concentration. Now I'm happy that I can still catch my favorite late night shows and still be in the office refreshed early the next day.

-Amy Cua, 40's, Office Employee

I enjoy good food a lot. The downside is that I have high cholesterol which made my family concerned. Then one day, a friend introduced CARDIOBES to me. Now, my total cholesterol has lowered as reflected in my recent check-up. Indeed a great product!

-Patrick Lim, 38, Entreprenuer

Traveling is part of my job, but I always get tired easily and experience back pains. Now that I have discovered CARDIOBES, my shortness of breath is gone and I can do more activities after work and still have a lot of stored energy to spend the nightlife with my friends. Certainly, CARDIOBES brought me back into the groove!

-Mariejo Peornato, 34, Banker

I used to wake up feeling tired and sluggish, not eager to report for work. But now thanks to CARDIOBES, I feel energized in the morning and throughout the day to accomplish more and meet timelines in my hectic schedule.

-Raquel Asor, 48, CPA

I easily get tired with minimal activities, have shortness of breath and snore loudly during sleep. After I started taking CARDIOBES, my children say I snore no more and I feel more revitalized- now I can do more household chores and the best part is that I can enjoy quality bonding moments with my grandchildren.

-Mario Manderico, 61, Retired Government Employee

I easily get tired during workouts in the gym at times not even finishing my circuit. After taking CARDIOBES for only a week, I could feel the immediate improvement in my stamina and well being, and mind you my virility is enhanced. CARDIOBES truly makes my day!

-Danni Gaerlan, 52, Admin. Officer