Willion Health is
Quality Health

Using only pure, natural ingredients and raw materials combined with a chemical free technology process to give you only the best, all natural high quality products.

Our Company

In 2009, Willion International Trading was established in Manila with the quest to promote good health and wellness through providing new and innovative products manufactured to the highest medical standards. With our dynamic panel of medical and nutritional experts, we have used the wisdom of past prescriptions in modern formulations to give you the best products for total well-being.

Willion International Trading is continuously and constantly discovering new  breakthrough healthcare products, and partnering with only the best pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies as our utmost commitment of providing 100% guaranteed best quality products uniquely and specially made for the whole family.

Our Partner

Willion has partnered with aXimed AS— a respected Health Company in Norway. aXimed has seamlessly connected the worlds of science and human health with its R&D teams of top Scandinavian scientists work closely with northern European Universities in technology and scientific researches. All product formulas have incorporated the most precise scientific data and top-notch technology.

To ensure our products are of the highest quality and best efficacy, aXimed owns and operates modern GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) health supplement plants. All processes throughout material purchase, production, packaging and quality control complies to the European GMP-standards that consumers can enjoy the highest quality products with a peace of mind.

Willion International Trading is the sole marketing distributor for
aXimed products in Asia and the Middle East.